Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week 7 ~ NFL Picks

Until further notice, I'm going to have to do without graphics because of time constraints...

But here goes... Without graphics...


WEEK 8 NCAA PICKS (official)

LOUISVILLE (-6) vs. South Florida ~ incorrect
MARSHALL (+4) at Southern Mississippi ~ correct
MIAMI FL (+21) vs. Florida State ~ correct
KENT STATE (-3.5) vs. Western Michigan ~ correct
BOSTON COLLEGE (+14) at Georgia Tech ~ incorrect
2012 NCAA Picks (after week 8): 13-4-0


SEATTLE (+7.5) at San Francisco ~ 0 units ~ correct

2012 NFL Picks (YTD regular season picks aggregate): 47-40-2
2012 NFL Picks (YTD regular season 'unit picks' aggregate differential): (-9)
2012 NFL Picks (YTD regular season 'exotics' differential): (+0)
2012 NFL Picks (week 1): 6-9-0
2012 NFL Picks (week 2): 8-5-2
2012 NFL Picks (week 3): 7-9-0
2012 NFL Picks (week 4): 11-4-0
2012 NFL Picks (week 5): 7-7-0
2012 NFL Picks (week 6): 8-6-0

*ALL picks ATS [against the spread]
 WASHINGTON (+6) at. NY Giants ~ 0 units
NEW ENGLAND (-10.5) vs. NY Jets ~ 0 units
BUFFALO (-3.5) vs. Tennessee ~ 0 units
CHICAGO (-6) vs. Detroit ~ 0 units
CLEVELAND (+2) at Indianapolis ~ 4 units
NEW ORLEANS (-1) at Tampa Bay ~ 0 units
JACKSONVILLE (+6) at Oakland ~ 0 units
ARIZONA (+6.5) at Minnesota ~ 2 units
ST. LOUIS (+5) vs. Green Bay ~ 1 unit
BALTIMORE (+7) at Houston ~ 0 units
DALLAS (-1) at Carolina ~ 0 units
PITTSBURGH (-1) at Cincinnati ~ 1 unit

Vegas would really like to see the Rams cover over the Packers as not only the action lopsided towards the Packers, there is also a lot of money line (91%) & exotic action (86% thinking its a great deal that they can 'get' the Packers & a point on the road in St. Louis... They're obviously remembering last weeks 6 TD performance vs. Houston & forgetting the loss to the Colts the week before...

Speaking of Indy... Everyone, this week, seems to think Andrew Luck will have a career day against the Browns... (I guess those were the same crew who thought Matt Ryan would have a career day against the Raiders until he threw 3 picks in the first half)... (69% of the money is on the Colts with the line having moved from (-3) to (-1.5)...

More 'can't miss' (80%, according to the public), are the Saints (who will be without Jimmy Graham) giving a point to the Buccaneers on the road... Naturally, these are trends that I try to steer completely clear of (or, go the other way if I feel a case can be made for the dog)... As indicated above, I have a little more faith in Cleveland (vs. Colts), than the Bucs (vs. Saints)... The 'Chuck Pagano' effect for the Colts may have worn off a bit, and though they have played better at home, the Browns are now with Joe Haden who can shut down Reggie Wayne... The Bucs will be playing without Taleb in the secondary & Jogsh Freeman & Vincent Jackson are playing, but nursing injuries...

60% are laying (-525) on the Pats beating the Jets outright, but (no so) oddly, 83% are taking Baltimore to beat Houston outright and getting (+260)... Naturally, the house will be rooting for the Texans & Jets...

As usual, Steeler & Cowboy nations are out in force with 80% laying 2 points to beat the Panthers for the 9th time in a row, & the Steelers, 72%, to win on the road (which they have not done yet this season), and against a division rival...

Happy hunting... I'm sticking with all my picks from yesterday (but dropping the 'units' on Bills/Titans to zero)...