Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm afraid I've been lacking the time to do full blown picks & analysis these past two weeks...

To keep things going a bit, I'm just going to publish a QUICK version for this Sunday's games... ENJOY!


Indianapolis at Baltimore (-15.5) - INDY for (1 unit)
Houston at Cincinnati (-3) - CINCINNATI for (2 units)
Oakland at Green Bay (-11.5) - OAKLAND for (1 unit)
Kansas City at NYJ (-10.5) - JETS for (0 units)
Minnesota at Detroit (-9.5) - DETROIT for (0 units)
New Orleans (-3.5) at Tennessee - NEW ORLEANS for (0 units)
Philadelphia at Miami (-3) - PHILADELPHIA for (0 units)
New England (-8) at Washington - WASHINGTON for (0 units)
Atlanta (-2.5) at Carolina - CAROLINA for (0 units)
Tampa Bay (-3) at Jacksonville - TAMPA BAY for (0 units)


San Francisco (-4) at Arizona - ARIZONA for (5 units)
Chicago at Denver (-3) - DENVER for (2 units)
Buffalo at San Diego (-7) - BUFFALO for (0 units)


New York Giants at Dallas (-4.5) - NY for (1 unit)


St. Louis at Seattle (-10) - ST. LOUIS for (1 unit)

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 Army vs. Navy (-7) (3:30 ET)
Box Score | Recap

It's basically been a craptastic year for the Midshipmen where they've underachieved in every key spot...

Navy has dominated this affair in recent years, but perhaps last years game was a harbinger of things to come... Army was pretty much in control of everything except the scoreboard, yet they lost a key fumble at the goal line when they were going in for a go-ahead score... The fumble was returned 100 yards for a touchdown (which basically sealed the final result differential...

If Army can avoid "shooting itself in the foot" (pun intended)... It might even march away with a victory here... I'm taking the points...
ARMY for (1 unit)...
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