Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy 2012... This year, I hope you do your best to try and stay out of Gitmo...

If somehow you land there, start practicing your Gladiatorial skills... I hear they're going to convert the old RFK Stadium into the Colesseum...

Onto the picks...


Indianapolis at Jacksonville (-3.5) - Indianapolis for (1 unit)
Chicago at Minnesota (-1) - Chicago for (1 unit)
Buffalo at New England (-10.5) - Buffalo for (2 units)
Tennessee (-1) at Houston - Houston for (0 units)
 Washington at Philadelphia (-9) - Philadelphia for (0 units)
San Francisco (-10.5) at St. Louis - St. Louis for (1 unit)
Detroit (-4.5) at Green Bay - Green Bay for (0 units)
NY Jets at Miami (-3) - NY Jets for (2 units)
Carolina at New Orleans (-7.5) - Carolina for (0 units)


Tampa Bay at Atlanta (-10.5) - Tampa Bay for (0 units)
Kansas City at Denver (-3) - Kansas City for (2 units)
San Diego at Oakland (-3) - Oakland for (3 units)
Pittsburgh (-6.5) at Cleveland - Cleveland for (0 units)
Baltimore (-1) at Cincinnati - Baltimore for (1 unit)
Seattle at Arizona (-3) - Arizona for (2 units)


Dallas at NY Giants (-3) - NY Giants for (2 units)

--- previous week ---

Happy Holidays everyone!... I'm under the gun once again, so... once again... the picks & just the picks... Remember, we're mostly talking about an ALL SATURDAY schedule here (so set your fantasy rosters early)... For anyone that wants to know how "yours truly" did in his PAY fantasy leagues... Basically, as follows:

- $200 league - 10 team (payout $1500 to winner $500 to runner-up) -

I'm basically going to get 5th place... I was 4th by way of a 4 way "tiebreaker" (with ALL top 4 teams tied for 1st at the end of the regular season)... 6 teams made the playoffs (with #1 & #2 getting BYES)... The dude I played in the playoffs dropped 155 points on my ass in week #14 (he basically had Brady & Rice & some other guys who outperformed)... So I'm out... Looks like I'll easily win the battle for 5th... ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY...

- $100 league - 10 team (various payouts) -

Again... I basically ended up 4th after the regular season... Only 4 playoff spots in this one... I played the #1 seed in the league (who I'd beaten in BOTH matchups during the regular season)... My team scored 146 points, but he dropped 165 points on me... I HAD NO CHANCE... NO CHANCE... I'm in a consolation for the 3rd place trophy...

- $50 league - 12 team (winner take all payout) -

I finished the season as the 2nd seed (by a tiebreaker)... 6 teams moved on to the playoffs (so I got a BYE)... I won that matchup, so I'm now in the finals... As we stand, I'm winning that matchup (THANKS REGGIE WAYNE)... Right now though, we're playing for bragging rights because myself & the guy I'm playing have agreed to chop the pot...

Good Luck to all who are in finals in your FF leagues this weekend!

Now to the games...


Minnesota at Washington (-6.5) - MINNESOTA for (0 units)
Jacksonville at Tennessee (-7.5) - JACKSONVILLE for (1 unit)
Arizona at Cincinnati (-4.5) - ARIZONA for (3 units)
Tampa Bay at Carolina (-9) - TAMPA BAY for (1 unit)
Oakland at Kansas City (-1) - KANSAS CITY for (1 unit)
St. Louis at Pittsburgh (-15.5) - ST. LOUIS for (1 unit)
Denver (-1.5) at Buffalo - BUFFALO for (0 units)
NY Giants at NY Jets (-3) - NY GIANTS for (0 units)
Cleveland at Baltimore (-12.5) - BALTIMORE for (1 unit)
Miami at New England (-9.5) - MIAMI for (4 units)


San Diego at Detroit (-1) - SAN DIEGO for (0 units)
San Francisco (-1) at Seattle - SEATTLE for (5 units)
Philadelphia at Dallas (-1) - PHILADELPHIA for (2 units)


Chicago at Green Bay (-12.5) - CHICAGO for (1 unit)


Atlanta at New Orleans (-6.5) - ATLANTA for (3 units)

--- previous post ---

I taking the easy route again in week 15 just offering up the picks...

To keep things going a bit, I'm just going to publish a QUICK version for this Sunday's games... ENJOY!... Quick notes... Romeo Crennel is the new head coach in KC, while Tony Sparano is gone for Miami... Usually a new head coach is a bad spot to take a team (midseason), but Crennel has a lot of experience so it's not a big change for KC... Giants have to be careful in 'looking ahead', and the Jets have NEVER won in Philly in the history of the franchise... The Raiders are coming off back to back blowout losses (so the line is probably skewed)... Tebow has God on his side and Tom Brady is 1-6 ATS lifetime in Mile High Stadium... John Skelton will start at QB for Arizona while Seneca Wallace (the backdoor bandit) is replacing Colt McCoy out with a concussion... Green Bay has indicated that it may rest starters if they get a sizeable lead... There has NEVER been a season in the NFL when one team went 16-0 while another team went 0-16 (the Colts are winless & Green Bay is undefeated as we speak)... Kellen Clemens will start for St. Louis replacing both Sam Bradford & AJ Feely who are out with injuries... Hasslebeck will start for the Titans... Andre Johnson will sit for the Texans (now that they've wrapped up the AFC South)... Rothleisberger will be a game time decision Monday Night in San Francisco... Adrian Peterson will start for Minnesota (but may be limited)... Kevin Smith looks like he'll play for the Lions & Denarius Moore looks like he'll be back in the lineup for Oakland... Ndomakung Suh will be off his suspension, while James Harrison (Steelers), did not win his appeal and will sit out the game Monday Night...


(9-6-0) +0 units


Jacksonville at Atlanta (-11) - ATLANTA for (0 units)
Dallas (-7) at Tampa Bay - TAMPA BAY for (1 unit)

Carolina at Houston (-6) - HOUSTON for (1 unit)
Tennessee (-7) at Indianapolis - INDY for (2 units)
Washington at New York Giants (-6.5) - WASHINGTON for (1 unit)
Green Bay (-13.5) at Kansas City - KANSAS CITY for (0 units)
Cincinnati (-7) at St. Louis - CINCINNATI for (1 unit)
Miami at Buffalo (-1) - BUFFALO for (0 units)
New Orleans (-9) at Minnesota - MINNESOTA for (3 units)


Seattle at Chicago (-3.5) - CHICAGO for (2 units)
Cleveland at Arizona (-6.5) - CLEVELAND for (0 units)
New York Jets at Philadelphia (-3) - PHILADELPHIA for (1 unit)
Detroit (-3) at Oakland - OAKLAND for (2 units)
New England (-7) at Denver - NEW ENGLAND for (0 units)


Baltimore (-2.5) at San Diego - BALTIMORE for (0 units)


Pittsburgh at San Francisco (-3) - PITTSBURGH for (units to be determined)


(7-7-1)  +3 units


Indianapolis at Baltimore (-15.5) - INDY for (1 unit)
Houston at Cincinnati (-3) - CINCINNATI for (2 units)
Oakland at Green Bay (-11.5) - OAKLAND for (1 unit)
Kansas City at NYJ (-10.5) - JETS for (0 units)
Minnesota at Detroit (-9.5) - DETROIT for (0 units)
New Orleans (-3.5) at Tennessee - NEW ORLEANS for (0 units)
Philadelphia at Miami (-3) - PHILADELPHIA for (0 units)
New England (-8) at Washington - WASHINGTON for (0 units)
Atlanta (-2.5) at Carolina - CAROLINA for (0 units)
Tampa Bay (-3) at Jacksonville - TAMPA BAY for (0 units)


San Francisco (-4) at Arizona - ARIZONA for (5 units)
Chicago at Denver (-3) - DENVER for (2 units) - PUSH
Buffalo at San Diego (-7) - BUFFALO for (0 units)


New York Giants at Dallas (-4.5) - NY for (1 unit)

St. Louis at Seattle (-10) - ST. LOUIS for (1 unit)

- (from yesterday) -


 Army vs. Navy (-7) (3:30 ET)
Box Score | Recap

It's basically been a craptastic year for the Midshipmen where they've underachieved in every key spot...

Navy has dominated this affair in recent years, but perhaps last years game was a harbinger of things to come... Army was pretty much in control of everything except the scoreboard, yet they lost a key fumble at the goal line when they were going in for a go-ahead score... The fumble was returned 100 yards for a touchdown (which basically sealed the final result differential...

If Army can avoid "shooting itself in the foot" (pun intended)... It might even march away with a victory here... I'm taking the points...
ARMY for (1 unit)...
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