Friday, November 18, 2011

Fantasy Sports Nation - Week 12 NCAA Picks


2011 NCAA Picks (aggregate [weeks 1-11]): 53-50-0
2011 NCAA Picks (aggregate 'unit picks' differential): -15
2011 NCAA (aggregate EXOTICS differential): 6-6-1 (-1 unit)
2011 NCAA Picks (week 12): 8-5
2011 NCAA (week 12 'unit picks' differential): +2
2011 NCAA (week 12 EXOTICS 'unit picks' differential): +0

*all picks 'ATS' (against the spread)

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PREVIEW: Sorry to everyone about the blank spot (WEEK 11)... I did post a big write up on Oregon-Stanford (taking Oregon), but it disappeared... Oh well... You snost you lost... As you all know, I mostly just put up these NCAA Picks as a mockery of the whole system... Some people like to throw away hard earned cash on these things... I'd rather make bets on which crow is goint to fly off the fence next...

Not much action that I really trust this week... But I'll toss out some picks...


Friday, November 18, 2011

 #2 Oklahoma State (-27) at Iowa State (8:00 ET)
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It's about time that the BCS Championship hopefuls start to choke... I'll take the points...

IOWA STATE for (0 units)
The 'spy' says: 
Iowa State 37 - Oklahoma State 31 - correct

Saturday, November 19, 2011

 Georgia Tech (-10) at Duke (12:30 ET)
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OK, I'm going to get the "homer" picks out of the way first... This one was MEANT to have been GEORGIA (minus the points) vs. Kentucky... Oh well, I'll go with these dudes too... Duke just got mathematically eliminated (and it's officially "basketball" season in Durham)... Georgia Tech is still hoping for a classier muffler bowl...

GEORGIA TECH for (1 unit)
The 'spy' says: 
Georgia Tech 38 - Duke 31 - incorrect

 SMU at #11 Houston (-19.5) (3:30 ET)

2nd of the "homer" picks... I'm just going to take Houston to spite the whole BCS bullcrap system... A win here by the Cougars might, just might, book them a ticket to the Sugar Bowl... They'd probably just end up playing Alabama there & getting their clock cleaned, so the hoity toity BCS could say "see - we were right" again...

This is all why the NCAA system has no joy...

HOUSTON for (1 unit)
The 'spy' says: 
Houston 37 - SMU 7 - correct
 Virginia at #25 Florida State (-17.5) (7:30 ET)
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Virgina has been playing well vs. some decent teams, but this line started at 16.5 and moved to 17.5 (with 80% of the money on WaHoo Wa)... That's fishy...

FLORIDA STATE for (1 unit)
The 'spy' says: 
Virginia 14 - Florida State 13 - incorrect
 # 7 Clemson (-8) at NC State (12:00 ET)
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Everybody and their ugly redheaded stepsister is going to be on Clemson in this game... Since I'm the type that likes to beat on ugly red-headed stepsisters (only in metaphorical theory - of course), I'll hold my nose & take the Wolfpack...  

NC STATE for (1 unit)...
The 'spy' says:
NC State 37 - Clemson 13 - correct
 Utah (-3.5) at Washington State (5:00 PM)
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The Cougars haven't been 'bowling in awhile... Somebody needs to tell them that they're not missing out on anything by not making the road trip to play in the bowl presented by Planters Peanuts that airs on ESPN692 right after the infomercial about the slice-o-matic vegetable chopping system that you can triple your order on it if you act now...

But it might take news awhile to reach Pullman, Washington so they might try hard here to win the magical "6th" game that qualifies them to step forward from the line of wallflowers at the dance...

The 'spy' says:
Utah 30 - Washington State 27 - correct

 #16 Nebraska at #18 Michigan (-3.5) (12:00 PM)
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I don't know about anyone else, but I find it entirely likely that Nebraska was saying to itself all last week in State College, PA "WTF are we doing here"?... That whole 'prayer' session at the beginning of the game was nauseating...

What exactly were they all praying for anyway? I know what I would have been praying for...

- Please God - Help everybody in the world to stop being fucking idiots
- Please God - Get me TF out of here
- Please God - Help me to win at beer pong tonight
- Please God - Help Santa to bring me a "Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and a thing which tells time"...

- CLICK to help Ralphie realize his wish -

MICHIGAN for (1 unit) - "You'll shoot your eye out kid!"...
The 'spy' says:
Michigan 47 - Nebraska 17 - correct
 Boston College at Notre Dame (-24.5) (4:00 ET)
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They were passing out pins (in Tampa) last week trying to get Notre Dame as an invitee to the Champs Sports Bowl (which, under contract, the bowl, once every 4 years can opt for Notre Dame instead of the contract it has with Big East schools)...

I mean, WTF really cares? I'm sure Chip Kelly wasn't brought in to South Bend to restore the program to glory by winning Champs Sports Bowls bids... But I suppose it's better than a muffler bowl... Since Boston College isn't going anywhere & since Doug Flutie isn't around, I'll go with the Irish...

NOTRE DAME for (1 unit)
The 'spy' says:
Notre Dame 16 - Boston College 14 - incorrect
 Miami (FL) (-3.5) at South Florida (3:30 PM)
Box Score | Recap

Speaking of Tampa (& Notre Dame)... I think South Florida (coached by former Notre Dame coach's kiddo "Skippity-Lou-Da"), needs a win to make it to what will probably be a local bowl...

OK, so please put your drink down and back away slowly (I'm trying to save you from spitting it all over your computer screen)...

It's like... the fucking BEEF O' BRADY Bowl...

There are no other words that I can add to this which would enhance the comedic element...

SOUTH FLORIDA for (1 unit) - Because I'm a firm believer in the notion that you get EXACTLY what you wish for & deserve...

The 'spy' says:
Miami 6 - South Florida 3 - correct


Western Kentucky (-3) at North Texas
#13 Kansas State at #23 Texas (-9.5)
Cincinnati (-3) at Rutgers
Colorado at UCLA (-10)
Vanderbilt (-1.5) at Tennessee

* Bold means that I'd tend to favor that team ATS (but won't suggest a play)
ATS = 'Against the Spread'

--- other TOP #25 action ---

North Carolina at #8 Virginia Tech (Thursday 11/17)
#20 Southern Miss at UAB (Thursday 11/17)
Citadel at #12 South Carolina
Indiana at #15 Michigan State
#17 Wisconsin at Illinois
Kentucky at #14 Georgia
Samford at #24 Auburn
Georgia Southern at #3 Alabama
Mississippi State at #6 Arkansas
Colorado State at #19 TCU
#21 Penn State at Ohio State
#1 LSU at Ole Miss
USC at #4 Oregon
#5 Oklahoma at #22 Baylor
#10 Boise State at San Diego State
Cal at #9 Stanford