Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week 15 NCAA Picks/Week 14 NFL Picks

**sorry folks ~ I've had a hard time logging in to BLOGGER this week, which is why the picks are late


Saturday 11:00 EST
Saturday 15:00 EST 
Saturday 18:00 EST 

Sunday 12:00 EST 
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 One of these two teams defenses is gonna have to figure out how to STOP THE ROCK 



[until the picks appear in BOLD CAPS, they're unofficial]

Thursday, December 5

LOUISVILLE [-3] at Cincinnati ~ 0 units (correct)

Saturday, December 7

SOUTH FLORIDA [+4] vs Rutgers ~ 0 units (incorrect)
Texas vs. BAYLOR [-16] ~ 0 units (correct)
OKLAHOMA vs. Oklahoma State ~ 1 unit (correct)
MISSOURI [pk] vs. Auburn ~ 0 units (incorrect)
STANFORD [+3] vs. Arizona State ~ 1 unit (correct)
OHIO STATE [-5.5] vs. Michigan State ~ 1 unit (incorrect)
Utah State vs. FRESNO STATE [-3] ~ 0 units (correct)

Though there are many pros & cons to make a case for supporting one team or another... What was the final 'DECISION MAKER' that made me make this call?

SOUTH FLORIDA ~ when in doubt, take the points
BAYLOR ~ Last chance for Baylor to do something impressive to get into a decent Bowl game 
OKLAHOMA ~ Ok State is on the other side of the Baylor dynamic, they might be playing defensively in this spot
MISSOURI ~ First of all, I'm going to stick with my basic idea that Missouri is a more talented & more passionate team [though Auburn might be the 'luckier' team]... WALTERFOOTBALL.COM has 'Auburn' as the pick here... Why?... Because 'secret' Walt has a little bird in his ear that says that the 'SHARPS' are all over Auburn in this game...


The skew is something like 45% ~ 55%... So I guess just because it's 45%, it means the sharps are all over Auburn... FUCK THAT!... U kno what?... I don't fucking care if I lose here... I'm taking Missouri because I think they're the better team... I just get sick & tired of reading all this bullshit about 'sharps' [which is akin to a 'cop out', so if you lose, you have something to blame it on now that we're a good 6 years past the Bush Administration]... If I lose with MISSOURI, IT'S MY BAD... I didn't INHERIT the crisis...

STANFORD ~ Again ~ I think Stanford is the better team... It'll be tough playing on the road here, but I like the points & if ASU puts on a [NON] tackling demonstration like they did vs. UCLA, Stanford will be able to control this game...
OHIO STATE ~ Ohio State is in the same category [described above], of not having the luxury of fucking around... Plus ~ I think the 'fast track' of being inside Lucas Oil Stadium helps them more than it helps Michigan State...
FRESNO STATE ~ More Walt bullshit about Fresno State... Twice this year he's said they're awesome, twice he's said they're dogshit... This week they're dogshit & that means, of course, that the 'SENIORS' on the team [whereby Walter Cherpinsky is their psychologist at large], don't give a FF about playing in what amounts to the last regular season football game of their lives...

The 'Masters Degree in Psychology' degree program at Penn State University is offered with a 'minor' in human sexuality & criminal justice [for all you 9 year old boy future leaders out there trying to get a head start on your edumucationz]...

OK... Now let's DO THIS!

"Out there is a fortune waiting to be had, you think I'll let it go you're MAD!"

2013 NCAA Picks (YTD weeks 1-14 picks aggregate): 57-46-3
2013 NCAA Picks (YTD weeks 1-14 'unit picks' aggregate differential): (+8 units)

2013 NCAA Picks (week 1): 2-3-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 2): 0-0-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 3): 3-3-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 4): 4-2-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 5): 5-2-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 6): 4-4-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 7): 6-2-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 8): 6-5-1
2013 NCAA Picks (week 9): 3-4-1
2013 NCAA Picks (week 10): 8-4-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 11): 6-5-1
2013 NCAA Picks (week 12): 1-2-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 13): 5-4-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 14): 4-6-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 15): 5-3-0*


*picks will appear as BOLD CAPS when ready 

[before the final picks are made, the team with the point spread pick aside its name is LIKELY to be the selection, pending any last minute changes]

The FINAL POINTSPREAD that I use to determine wins & losses are the ones which are archived on:


Houston at JACKSONVILLE [+3.5] ~ 0 units (correct)


"Don't get too crazy about the 'PICKS' people... Remember ~ this blog is REALLY about sex, violence, & the weather... That reminds me ~ I'm gonna have to do that article about the porn star shot dead in a hurricane"


[check back prior to kickoff for last minute pick or unit pick changes]
I use the final print on:


Kansas City at WASHINGTON [+3] ~ 0 units (incorrect)
Minnesota at BALTIMORE [-6.5] ~ 1 unit (incorrect)
CLEVELAND [+9.5] at New England ~ 0 units (correct)
Oakland at NY JETS [-3] ~ 0 units (correct)
Indianapolis at CINCINNATI [-7] ~ 1 unit (correct)
Detroit at PHILADELPHIA [-2] ~ 2 units (correct)
Miami at PITTSBURGH [-3] ~ 0 units (incorrect)
Buffalo at TAMPA BAY [-2.5] ~ 0 units (correct)
Atlanta at GREEN BAY [-3.5] ~ 0 unit (incorrect)

AGGREGATE ~ I suppose one of the themes for today [& the rest of the year] will be which teams will continue to fight [for pride or a playoff spot], & which ones will fold up & mail it in...

Just remember the motto in this great land of ours... When the going gets tough ~ the tough go shopping!

[FINAL late game picks & units will be posted near the conclusion of the EARLY GAMES]

TENNESSEE [+12.5] at Denver ~ 5 units (incorrect)
St. Louis at ARIZONA [-4] ~ 3 units (correct)
NY Giants at SAN DIEGO [-4] ~ 2 units (correct)
SEATTLE [+2.5] at San Francisco ~ 1 unit (correct)**

**Before giving me a lot of shit about taking credit for this pick... It's published about a fucking hundred times above that the FINAL line is based on what's archived HERE:

AGGREGATE ~ check back for comments


Carolina at NEW ORLEANS [-3] ~ 0 units (correct)

AGGREGATE ~ check back for comments

DALLAS [+1.5] at Chicago ~ 2 units (incorrect)

WALTERFOOTBALL ~ Walt says: 'Sharps' are all over Chicago here... so RUN... DON'T walk to lay MASSIVE units on the BEARS [just like the 'SHARPS' were all over the TITANS yesterday]... &, as always, if you lose... you can BLAME it on the 'SHARPS' [not your lazy ass handicapping sponsored by SNICKERS]...

All a JOKE, of course, people... On this blog ~ I make picks & take the blame for it if I'm wrong... I didn't bet Tennessee yesterday because of any fucking 'sharps' advice from Walter Cherpinsky... In the end ~ I was WRONG...

Same here... I like the Cowboys better than the Bears... How fucking hard is it?

"Do what u like do what u wanna do...Do what the fuk that u wanna do"


2013 NFL Picks (YTD weeks 1-13 picks aggregate): 91-89-8
2013 NFL Picks (YTD weeks 1-12 'unit picks' aggregate differential): (+18 units)
2013 NFL Picks (YTD regular season 'exotics' differential): (-1)

2013 NFL Picks (week 1): 5-10-1
2013 NFL Picks (week 2): 11-4-0
2013 NFL Picks (week 3): 9-7-0
2013 NFL Picks (week 4): 5-9-1
2013 NFL Picks (week 5): 9-5-0
2013 NFL Picks (week 6): 8-6-0
2013 NFL Picks (week 7): 8-6-1
2013 NFL Picks (week 8): 7-6-0
2013 NFL Picks (week 9): 4-7-0
2013 NFL Picks (week 10): 7-6-1
2013 NFL Picks (week 11): 4-8-3
2013 NFL Picks (week 12): 7-6-0
2013 NFL Picks (week 13): 6-9-1
2013 NFL Picks (week 14): 10-6-0*
  *ALL picks ATS [against the spread]

For those of you who are new to this site, my picks [& 'unit' assignment] are largely determined by the overall skew between how the public is doing versus the Las Vegas sportsbook sharps at any given moment...