Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fantasy Sports Nation - Week 13 NCAA Picks

2011 NCAA Picks (aggregate [weeks 1-12]): 61-55-0
2011 NCAA Picks (aggregate 'unit picks' differential): -13
2011 NCAA (aggregate EXOTICS differential): 6-6-1 (-1 units)
2011 NCAA Picks (week 13): 0-0
2011 NCAA (week 13 'unit picks' differential): +0
2011 NCAA (week 13 EXOTICS 'unit picks' differential): +0

*all picks 'ATS' (against the spread)

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PREVIEW: It's a very short list for me this weekend due to the holidays... Come bowl season, I'll come out with a pick for every single college bowl... Frankly, I think they're kind of a joke, but we gotta pass our time over the holidays doing something, don't we?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Maryland at NC State (-11.5) (12:30 ET)

NC State got it's big win last week... Maryland is not as "bad" as they are young... Maybe with no pressure here they can pull a surprise...

MARYLAND for (3 units)
The 'spy' says: 

 Nevada at Utah State (-1.5) (2:00 ET)

Utah State has played pretty well all year... They should not be a synthetic "dog" at home...

UTAH STATE for (1 unit)
The 'spy' says: 

Georgia (-6) at Georgia Tech (12:00 ET)
Box Score | Recap

I don't think the Bulldogs want to sleepwalk... They saw their SEC Championship rival LSU dismantle Arkansas yesterday... They have to keep an edge...
GEORGIA for (1 unit)
The 'spy' says: 

Duke at North Carolina (-13.5) (3:30 ET)
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Duke will at least play hard here against their arch rival UNC for which the game means little...
DUKE for (1 unit)
The 'spy' says: 

Notre Dame at Stanford (-8) (8:00 ET)
Box Score | Recap

I just think Stanford is going through the motions & not playing up to their potential (despite their record)... This game means more to Notre Dame because if they can beat a highly ranked team, something in their year may be salvaged...
NOTRE DAME for (3 units)
The 'spy' says: 


* Bold means that I'd tend to favor that team ATS (but won't suggest a play)
ATS = 'Against the Spread'

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