Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FANTASY SPORTS NATION - Free Competitive Leagues

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Register & Join a FANTASY SPORTS NATION competitive league right now (compete against other followers with your skill in the following areas):


Only takes a minute of your time each week. Each week you must pick one single NFL team to either win or lose (straight up). Once a team is chosen, it is unavailable to be chosen for the rest of the season. The SURVIVOR is the team that can go the longest & avoid an incorrect selection.

you will be asked for a League ID & password - they are as follows:

League ID# 19316
Password: FSN2011


It's like a fantasy football draft every week. Simply pick the position players (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DEFENSE) that you think will score the most fantasy points. But consider your budget as well, you must stay UNDER your salary cap.

you will be asked for a Group Id & password - they are as follows

Group ID # 3630
Password: FSN2011


This is like your basic OFFICE POOL. Pick the winners of all the NFL games each week (against the spread)

you will be asked for a Group Id & password - they are as follows

Group ID # 36462
Password: FSN2011


All Leagues are FREE to join (prizes awarded in some)


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