Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 12 NCAA Picks/Week 11 NFL Picks

"And you may ask yourself... Who is that invisible boxing midget?"




[until the picks appear in BOLD CAPS, they're unofficial ~ all 1 unit*]

Thursday, November 14

Georgia Tech at Clemson ~ UNDER 58.5
Marshall at TULSA [+14]

Friday, November 15

Washington [+2.5] at UCLA

Saturday, November 16

Miami at Duke
Cincinnati at Rutgers
Michigan at Northwestern
Syracuse at Florida State
Texas Tech at Baylor
Oregon State at Arizona State
Oklahoma State at Texas
South Alabama at Navy
Ohio State at Illinois
Memphis at South Florida

2013 NCAA Picks (YTD weeks 1-11 picks aggregate): 47-34-3
2013 NCAA Picks (YTD weeks 1-11 'unit picks' aggregate differential): (+9 units)

2013 NCAA Picks (week 1): 2-3-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 2): 0-0-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 3): 3-3-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 4): 4-2-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 5): 5-2-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 6): 4-4-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 7): 6-2-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 8): 6-5-1
2013 NCAA Picks (week 9): 3-4-1
2013 NCAA Picks (week 10): 8-4-0
2013 NCAA Picks (week 11): 6-5-1
2013 NCAA Picks (week 12):0-0-0 


*picks will appear as BOLD CAPS when ready 

[before the final picks are made, the team with the point spread pick aside its name is LIKELY to be the selection, pending any last minute changes]

BYE WEEK: Dallas, St. Louis

Indianapolis at TENNESSEE [+2.5] ~ 0 units


[check back prior to kickoff for last minute pick or unit pick changes]

Atlanta [-2] at Tampa Bay
NY Jets at Buffalo [-1.5]
Detroit at Pittsburgh [+1.5]
Washington [+3.5] at Philadelphia
San Diego [-1] at Miami
Baltimore [+3] at Chicago
Cleveland at Cincinnati [-5.5]
Oakland at Houston [-7]
Arizona [-6.5] at Jacksonville

[late game picks & units will be posted near the conclusion of the EARLY GAMES]

Minnesota at Seattle [-12]
San Francisco at New Orleans [-3]
Green Bay at NY Giants[-6]


Kansas City [+8] at Denver


New England at Carolina [-2.5]


2013 NFL Picks (YTD weeks 1-10 picks aggregate): 73-66-4*
2013 NFL Picks (YTD weeks 1-10 'unit picks' aggregate differential): (+17 units)
2013 NFL Picks (YTD regular season 'exotics' differential): (-1)

2013 NFL Picks (week 1): 5-10-1
2013 NFL Picks (week 2): 11-4-0
2013 NFL Picks (week 3): 9-7-0
2013 NFL Picks (week 4): 5-9-1
2013 NFL Picks (week 5): 9-5-0
2013 NFL Picks (week 6): 8-6-0
2013 NFL Picks (week 7): 8-6-1
2013 NFL Picks (week 8): 7-6-0
2013 NFL Picks (week 9): 4-7-0
2013 NFL Picks (week 10): 7-6-1
2013 NFL Picks (week 11): 0-0-0

*ALL picks ATS [against the spread]

For those of you who are new to this site, my picks [& 'unit' assignment] are largely determined by the overall skew between how the public is doing versus the Las Vegas sportsbook sharps at any given moment...

READERS: This week I could not help to include some comments about an article I read on ESPN by the [self proclaimed] "The Talented Mr. Roto" MATTHEW BERRY

Here is a link to that article:

Under NORMAL circumstances, & assuming we all lived in a FAIR world [the kind you've all been PROGRAMMED to believe you live in by the LAME STREAM MEDIA propaganda ~ which, nowadays, only exists as a propaganda arm to herd you all into a way of thinking]... Well ~ Assuming that 'FREE SPEECH' world actually existed [which it most certainly DOES NOT] ~ I'd have simply dropped a COMMENT [in the comment section, on the ESPN site, & left it at that]...

However ~ In the REAL WORLD, that's not possible...

The only COMMENTS you read [on ESPN, or ANY OTHER internet site], are heavily 'monitored' [ostensibly ~ to 'sanitize' commentary for the BENEFIT of all, but REALLY, to selectively filter out OPINION & DIALOGUE that may be consideren IN OPPOSITION to the interests of the OWNERS of the MEDIA [ESPN, in this case, but it's really an ACROSS THE BOARD phenomenon]...

To wit: Yours truly, FORMERLY, was able to drop comments on ESPN about articles, but I was MODERATED OUT... My 'crime' was having made candid comments about the interests of the commissioner of baseball 'BUD SELIG'... [which were comments that were not really inflammatory at all ~ except to a FEW, select, 'HYPERSENSITIVE' folks...

Nowadays ~ to make a COMMENT on practically ANY site... You're required to have a FACEBOOK account... Let me just say this... If you have a FACEBOOK account, or worse, if you are an active participant in FACEBOOK... You're an IDIOT... Facebook, represents the ultimate government approved 'spying' tool [whereby you WILLINGLY give up your private information to data collection interests]... The fact that I'm on GOOGLE [BLOGGER] here isn't much better, but there's a difference [which I'll explain if you read further]...

I don't have a FACEBOOK account [& never will]...

Which means ~ I'm EXCLUDED from making a comment... on ESPN... about an article [PROPAGANDA], by Matthew Berry... Even if I were motivated to do so... It would only achieve two things...

1. It would REQUIRE me to sign on to FACEBOOK [which would REQUIRE me to subject myself to government data collection centers ~ which I'll explain later WHO is interested in that]

2. If I went ahead & did it anyway... & then made NEGATIVE comments about Matthew Berry [no matter how elegant, accurate, or founded in FACT}... The comment would... FIRST... be moderated out of existence... SECOND... I'd be flagged by the aforementioned 'data collection' agencies as being a potential SUBVERSIVE...

It sounds CRAZY, but it's TRUE [an experience I'd learned previously with the Bud Selig comments]...

For all you WALTERFOOTBALL.COM readers on this site... This is a dynamic that not only occurs on ESPN, but also on WALTERFOOTBALL.COM [which ~ as you may all know, is HEAVILY subsidized by ADS such as SNICKERS & many other products & brand names]... Just last week ~ I had a comment on WALTERFOOTBALL.COM deleted simply because I made a vague reference to the relationship [which is in common] between 3 NFL owners [Malcom Glazer, Stephen Ross, & Robert Irsay]...

I could go on to include a plethora of other 'CONTROL' names which exist in that arena which would stagger the mind... They would include [but not be limited to]:

- The ENTIRE ownership structure of ESPN [which is a subsidiary of ABC/Cap Cities], which is owned by DISNEY...
- The curious placement of so called 'TALENT' within those networks [which isn't TALENT at all, but INSTEAD, 'jingoism']... The list includes Matthew Berry [Berenstein], Chris Berman, Suzy Kolber, & many others...
- The 'commissioners' of MLB, & NBA
- Most of the NFL, NBA, & MLB ownership structure
- Most of the media heirarchy of NBC Sports [& including featured announcers such as Al Michaels]
- Most of the so~called 'talent' from fantasy football sites such as YAHOO [who choose to feature 'talentless' writers such as ANDY BEHRENS]...
- NFL networks anchor RICH EISEN [& main analyst MICHAEL SILVER]...

The lists are endless... An across the board media [including sports media], that's more than 75% controlled by jews, who, in a very subtle way, promote their own agenda under the ignorant noses of everyone, even though they represent only 2% of the population at large...

For those of you who find 'math' difficult... It would be akin to having ONE FEMALE on a panel of 50 deer hunters or on a fishing show, & having the whole show turned into a treatise on how hunting & fishing were CRUEL & how, instead, the rest of the panel should 'man up' & take yoga classes...

I'm going to continue this story [but for now ~ I'll focus on Matthew Berry]...

Here's an excerpt from Mr [Berrienstein's] article [ostensibly about Incognito & Martin, but REALLY a veiled 'jab' USED inappropriately to promote a subtle 'TRIBAL' agenda which has been going on in the media for hundreds of years ~ & where NOBODY, in this day & age, can say anything about it without their commentary being DELETED, or their POV being 'data collected'...


"The first memory I have of getting bullied was in grade school. I was a small kid and in order to sit down to eat lunch, I had to "pay" with my dessert. Whatever dessert my mom had packed for lunch, that was my "fee," no matter where I tried to sit.

Courtesy of Matthew BerryFrizzy hair, big glasses, playing a sport you compete in by yourself. Hard to believe I wasn't prom king. 
I moved around a lot as a kid. Starting with the city I was born in, I had lived in five different cities by the time I hit 13, including two cities in Virginia (that's where my Washington fandom comes from) and winding up in Texas at age 12. Texas was the worst for this sort of thing. Having moved around a lot, I was always the new kid. Socially awkward to begin with (still am!), the constant moving didn't help develop those skills any. Add in big, frizzy hair and thick glasses and it's no wonder I had trouble fitting in. Or why I tried so hard to fit in, which of course only made it worse.
A sensitive, Jewish kid in a smallish Texas town didn't play well in the '80s, and my classmates let me know it. Constantly. While walking in hallways to class, I'd subtly get pushed into lockers. I remember one time after tennis practice, a group of us went to go get drinks at a convenience store. We all piled into one kid's car. We got out, I walked in first, when all of sudden they all turned, jumped back into the car and left me. This was obviously before the days of cell phones or anything. That was a long, two-mile walk back to school, where I found them playing hoops and laughing at me.
There would be cruel nicknames, insults, trashing my house with toilet paper and shoe polish, and later, when I was driving and had a used Honda Accord, they'd trash that. Many times I would wake up in the morning or walk out of school to find my car had shoe polish all over it, talking about how ugly I was, mocking my religion, questioning my sexuality or sometimes just plain simple "blank you, blank" type profanity. All over the windows.
This happened at least twice a month for about two years. It wasn't the two hours or so it took to clean and wash the car each time that was the worst. It was the look. The look on my classmates' faces when we walked out to the parking lot and they'd see it. Or worse, the look on my mom's face when we'd run out of the house because we heard a noise in the middle of the night, only to see a car quickly driving away and my car, our driveway and house trashed with notes. I mean, I knew I wasn't popular, but did my parents have to know? Soul-crushing. Humiliating. Heartbreaking."


Mr Berenstein ~ please stick to whether or not somebody should start Michael Vick [your HERO for the past 3 years because it fit your agenda of 'DIVIDE & CONQUER' that your bosses require you to publish]...


Mr. Berenstein:

Nobody fucking cares if you're JEWISH... [well ~ 'usually' they don't]... The only time it matters are the times that you USE your 'jewry' to promote an agenda... An agenda that most people have been brainwashed to ignore... 

It's obvious that somebody [in your ancestry decided to HIDE behind their jewish ancestry ~ which is why your name is BERRY not BERENSTEIN]... Why did they hide?... Your answer would probably fall along the lines of 'persecution' [an opportunity that you chose to underline in your article by deflecting the Incognito~Martin saga & focusing the spotlight on yourself & your own cause]... 

Please ~ in the future, just stick to your SORRY ASS fantasy football handicapping [which is an UNEARNED honor that you have achieved for yourself based on the fact that more than 80% of Hollywood, Media, & Washington DC lobby is controlled by jews]...

Nobody wants to hear how 'TOUGH' it is for you... [until you walk a few miles in the shoes of the millions & billions of people around the planet who are being forced into poverty by the actions of jewish banking cartels worldwide]...

Jews represent only 2% of the US population...

Yet ~

- 50% of all US billionaires are jews...
- Facebook, Google, & Microsoft are controlled by jews [they violate constitutional rights by giving your user data to the government, who, in turn, has ADMITTED that it shares this data with the APARTHEID STATE of Israel]...
- More than 80% of Hollywood & MSM are controlled by jews...
- The FEDERAL RESERVE Bank [which is a private entity ~ that has ZERO to do with benefitting US citizens, is mostly owned by jewish European Banking families]... They print money out of thin air [stealing your savings by way of inflation] to enrich themselves & their power base...

Everywhere you turn, there are jews who control important infrastructure...

- Media
- Sports ownership
- Entertainment
- Political lobby
- Military Industrial Complex
- Law & Jurisprudence

Yet ~ most of this is all done behind the scenes... folks like 'MATTHEW BERENSTEIN' are the agents... Who continue to promote a 'DIVIDE & CONQUER' theme [while COMPLETELY ignoring the form of 'DIVIDE & CONQUER' that his TRIBE are engaging on worldwide...

If you speak out against it on a public blog... You're moderated out of existence... It's already happened SEVERAL times to yours truly... Try it for yourself sometime... They've employed 'monitors' on ALL blogs to search out 'key' words and delete them as soon as they become published...

Buyer beware...